How it Works

Our goal is simple: We want to give you the finest custom clothing experience possible. We think you should be dressed impeccably for the experiences you’ll have wearing our clothes.

Our Process

1.Discovery Call
2. Make an Appointment
(Making an Appointment is easy. Once appointment is made, we come to you and service you in your home or office.)
3. Personal Consultation with Tailor / Designer
(We listen to find out what you like and what you already own along with the image you want to build.)
4. Customize and style garments
(We'll show you fabric, buttons, threads, and more with cutting edge software.)
5, Your Custom Garments are created
(Once your garments are ordered they are handmade by our master tailor with old world craftmanship.
6. In Person Delivery 
(When your garments are complete, we'll make sure they look and fit your satisfaction.)


    We have been a business for the past 5 years with our Head Tailor and Creative director having 8 years of experience in Fashion Design, and Bespoke & custom suits, in the Columbus, Ohio area. With the resources and experience acquired we stand apart from the majority as experts at measuring for the best fit, fabric recommendations, and styling to your lifestyle and Taste. When it comes to custom clothing, knowledge and experience makes all the difference.

    Join the Family

    Our Company believes in personal service. We’ll be there to listen, recommend, and provide service long after the sale. We believe in building relationships. We want to get to know you and your wardrobe so that we can become a trusted advisor for years to come. Helping you build your permanent wardrobe.

    Concierge Services

    We know that your time is valuable. For your convenience, our traveling tailor will come to your home or office. We work to fit your schedule so that you can keep doing what you do best.